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About Us

M. Greene Ltd has over 55 years’ experience in tool and cutter grinding, cutting tool manufacture and design, and serves all major industries such as aerospace, defence, motorsport and medical as well as small engineering and manufacturing companies.

We are pleased to offer advice regarding cutting tool options for your latest projects and will design and manufacture new tooling, modify donor tooling, or create special tools from drawings, where appropriate.

M.Greene Ltd specialises in the refurbishment, sharpening, and re-coating of all types of cutters used within the engineering industry, utilising both manual and 5-axis CNC grinding machines to achieve optimum results in terms of quality and finish. Our regrinding services not only covers both standard and specialised cutting tools but includes metal cutting saw blades, broaches, dies, hobs and gear cutters, spot weld drills, side and face cutters, amongst many others.


We also specialise in the manufacture of small batch carbide tooling to customer specifications inclusive of standard tool geometries and profile tooling. We are also pleased to offer an extensive range of carbide cutting tools with a variety of radius sizes particularly appropriate to the aerospace, motorsport and medical engineering industries.    

Standard ranges are from 1mm to 32 mm diameters and up to 330 mm long.

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