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Tool regrinding and sustainability

Are you trying to improve your green footprint?

All businesses are under some pressure trying to maintain profitability whilst also trying to meet Carbon neutral and sustainability targets, as well as being environmentally responsible.

Start with looking at your tungsten carbon tooling.

Tooling made from Carbide offers great attributes like excellent wear, heat resistance and an ability to perform well at high speed – all three attributes contributing to an excellent tool life.

We understand from research carried out by Sandvik Coromant that tungsten reserves will last no more than the next 100 years. The typical metallic materials combined with carbon to make cutting tools are tungsten, titanium, and tantalum, (which is already rare).

Once a tool is worn is has in many cases become all too common to dispose of it and simply buy another.
Environmentally this is a disaster and may be a poor practice economically.

Once the edge is worn the tool still has value even as a recycling operation

Again, research from Sandvik Coromant shows that tools made from recycled materials consumes 70% less energy and creates 40% fewer CO2 emissions in the manufacture of the new tool. However, recycling should be the last process in the closed loop.

Beautiful detail of shiny metal screw cutting tool for drilling concrete and hard building materials

Using a professional experienced tool regrinding service can give your tools new life and will make the process more cost-effective.

Optimise the cutting data – repair / sharpen / repair or repurpose

Once the tool has been reground enough times to change the dimensions significantly to affect tolerances
– why not repurpose the tool prior to recycling?

At M Greene we are frequently asked to modify a previously reground tool to a smaller diameter
– maybe remove a chip and re-flute the tool.

Quality tool regrinding helps with original geometrics and perhaps recoating can restore a cutting tool to almost original performance capacity.

Do you have used tools that you are unsure if they can be restored economically?

Package them up (or in certain areas we can collect) and we will be pleased to inspect, advise, and quote for those that can be refurbished and separate those that need to be recycled.

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