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Regrinding, refurbishing and repairing metal cutting saw blades

M Greene Ltd has experience in all forms of tool and cutter regrinding and our team of skilled engineers ensure that all work is completed to the highest quality standards, to return your metal cutting saw blades to an optimum cutting standard

Saw blade sharpening on CNC’s to offer the highest standard of saw refurbishment

We are pleased to offer, as one of our services, a specialism in regrinding metal cutting saw blades, whether they be circular cold saw blades such as HSS saw blades, steam oxide saw blades, cobalt saw blades or coated saw blades, through to segmental saw blades, TCT blades and slitting saws.

Standard HSS Blades to TCT saw blades sharpened and refurbished

For metal cutting saw blades we offer standard services of a straightforward regrind saw blade, recut saw blade and Trepan and recut saw blades, as well as re-coating saw blades as required. We also have a long history of sharpening and regrinding segmental and TCT saw blades of assorted sizes, tooth profiles and pitches, and again offer segmental saw blade regrind and repair services.

Slitting Saws

Slitting saw regrinding services are offered for all types of metal cutting slitting saws, from standard slitting saws, to side chip staggered tooth slitting saws and side chip straight tooth slitting saws all in a variety of diameters, widths, and numbers of teeth.

In certain geographic areas M Greene Ltd are pleased to offer (via our agents) a weekly collection and delivery service and will be more than pleased to assist should you require a more urgent service

For all your saw regrinding or saw sharpening needs please contact M Greene Ltd – Today

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