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Specials and modifications

M Greene Ltd will manufacture any carbide or HSS special tool for you or modify from a donor tool to meet the needs of your latest requirements and produce high quality in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

From simple modifications of a standard tool to the design and manufacture of multi functional special tooling, M Greene Ltd has both the expertise and technology to satisfy your requirements

Modifications to existing or donor tooling can breathe new life into existing tooling which can ultimately save you money, but “specials” may be required where we are unable to offer a relevant modification to standard tooling.

M Greene Ltd can advise on coating and geometry if required, and as specialists in this field, all we require is a customer drawing, and an understanding of the materials to be used – we have even produced tooling from the component drawings, so if you are unsure of the tool you require, our specialists are there to help,

If your existing tools do not meet your current requirements or
fail to keep pace with your latest advances – talk to M Greene Ltd – Today

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